Five Essential Writing Tips for the Perfect Article

Five Essential Writing Tips for the Perfect Article

Article writing is an extremely difficult task for many people especially when you take in to account the different niches that may need articles writing. For an article to be pitch perfect and entertain the reader whilst offering valuable information, a writer has to research each individual subject well and become an authority throughout the number of words they write.

The trouble however is that not everybody is great at writing articles, let alone researching the subject asked of them.

In this article we are going to help you on your quest to writing the perfect article with five essential writing tips. Hopefully, and with these tips, you will be able to create articles which are energizing, full of flair and provide excellent information for the end reader.

Tip number 1: Keep things original

This goes completely without saying however any articles that are written need to be 100% original and not copied from anywhere. Not only is this good ethics but it is also beneficial to the business an article is linking to, because as you may or may not know Google 100% hates copied content and can penalize websites for using it.

Now I’m not saying that you cannot research other articles writing about your subject and take pointers from them, however never copy their content and simply change a few words around to make it appear original.

Tip number 2: Provide sources

If you are writing an article and decide to include statistics, figures or any quotes from another website, then make sure you always provide a source link at the bottom of any article you write or blog post that you publish.

Adding source links to your article adds credibility any articles you write allowing any readers who question your content to follow suit and see where you got any figures from. Credibility is a massive step in article writing that so many people choose to ignore.

Tip number 3: Write from your heart

Nobody reads an article that is boring and that’s a fact. Quite simply, a person’s article has around 3 seconds to persuade a potential reader to stay on that page and if your article is boring and lacking in information that potential reader will close your article and look elsewhere.

The best way in which you can keep a potential reader on a web page and keep them entertained is to write from your heart. When you do this you will find that your writing comes across as humorous and entertaining and you as the author come across as a genuinely humble person who knows a lot about the subject matter.

Tip number 4: Stay on topic

If you are writing an article about coffee mugs and you start talking about the different types of Arabic coffee one can find nowadays 99% of readers will not stay on your article and finish reading it. Why? Because although coffee beans may be slightly related to coffee mugs, the reader clicked on your article in the first place because of the original coffee mug topic.

It is important that no matter what, an article stays on topic and provides to the point information at all times.

Tip Number 5: Keywords

Carry out keyword research to target the people that you want to read your article. If possible include your keyword in the title. If you have a keyword phrase try not to make it too long. Include the keyword in the first paragraph and last paragraph and once approximately every 100 words.

Do not overuse your keyword. The article must read naturally and of course make sense. If your article is stuffed with keywords Google will not view your article favourably, which will not help for ranking purposes.

Following these guidelines will help you write credible articles, but you will find that your article writing skills will improve the more that you write. Once your article is written you then need to utilize it correctly to get the most from your hard work.

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